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7 days from artist’s life

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If you have a possibility to live more than once, who would you be?
A writer? A model? Or maybe a speed car driver?

When I was a child I dreamed about being an artist. I draw a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I can do it in good way. Leastwise, I’m 20 now and I’m studying law, unexpectedly doesn’t it?
But it’s never too late to change smth in your everyday life and because of it I tried to live the whole week like an artist who live in France (it ‘cos I’m going to visit France one day).
So how the French artist lives her everyday life?

Day 1, Monday (Jour 1, Lundi)
Dear diary,
today is the first day of my new life as an french artist. As the morning of every Frenchmen starts 
with a hot coffee and croissants with chocolate, I cooked coffee and open croissants which I've 
bought yesterday. 
Ummm, such a tasty scent in my room!

Day 2, Tuesday (Jour 2, Mardi)
An inspiration came to me this morning! 
I took all my color pencils, crayons and went for a walk. I have painted a nature of Provence, the historical region of France where I live. Today I have discovered new style of painting – sketching. It took less time to finish the picture and looks really nice. I paint it in my Notebook for Ideas. Here you can see it.

Day 3, Wednesday (Jour 3, Mercredi)
I’ve learned new technique of painting! FLORA BOWLEY discovered it.
The main instrument here is your fingers, not brushes. It’s a type of emotional and sensual way to express yourself. 
You should try such “fingers painting” method because when all your fingers are so dirty with the acrylic you feel like a child and it's fantastic tender emotions.

Day 4, Thursday (Jour 4, Jeudi)
Each day is given to us to live it better than previous. That’s why I decided to improve my paintings by visiting art exhibition. After it I take some time to relax in parkland and to write down new creative ideas for future works.
Also I learned a few french words and discover that French and English is a little bit similar:
artist - artiste
pencils - crayons
happiness -  bonheur

Day 5, Friday (Jour 5, Vendredi)
Thank's God it's Friday! 
After classes I'm going to go for a walk and make some another sketches of autumn nature.
Besides, a glass of "almost" French wine is waiting for me this evening...

Day 6, Saturday (Jour 6, Samedi)
 It was really nice day, I visited my hometown and drank a cup of coffee with my mum. I show her my pictures and it was really peace and cozy evening. Before sleeping I watched a video from TEDx about one man, who has been painting one picture everyday the whole year, now he is famous illustrator. Very inspiring story!

Day 7, Sunday (Jour 7, Dimance)
 The last day of my artist's life, great week of painting, inspiration, French, new ideas! I have a possibility to wake up later than I used to, then drank coffee and meeting with sister. Nice weekend with family and lots rest!
I think I should repeat this experiment once more. Thanks my English teacher for good idea!

It always helps to live a little bit different than you used to. You have time to overestimate some of aspects of your life.
You have only one life to live that’s why don’t waste your time just on dreaming about ideal lifestyle. Don't be scared to do smth new, don't be scared show that. We live only once, and if you're waiting for some sign it is. Just go and do it.

What stopping you?
That’s right,

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